About Baby Guard Pennsylvania

Baby Guard Pennsylvania

In July of 1996 Todd Bear, realized that there was a desperate need for a quality safety product that would help prevent swimming pool accidents in Pennsylvania. Todd had been in the child safety field for several years helping local parent prevent household accidents. One major problem was there was nothing available to help prevent local parents keep their kids out of the swimming pool. After months of research Todd realized that the best product on the market was the Baby Guard brand of pool safety fences. After several weeks of onsite training Todd introduce the pool safety system to local families, and Baby Guard pool fencing was an instant hit in Pennsylvania. As of January 2015, Baby Guard of Pennsylvania has installed over 20,000 safety pool fences.

"It is an honor that parents trust me and the Baby Guard mesh pool fence" says Todd "This is why I personally stay with each and every pool fence installation". "Your Pool, Your Child is just as important when it comes to safety as my own.

Please feel free to contact me 1-888-628-7788 for any questions or concerns about pool safety you can also reach me via email Todd Bear
Authorized Baby Guard pool fence distributor and installer